Plasterboard is a  very popular construction product used to build all types of ceilings and interior walls.

Plasterboard was introduced in Manchester in the 40’s and is usually also known as drywall, gypsum board or gyprock.

Normally, plasterboard is made by a mix layer of gypsum plaster between two thickened  sheets of paper.

A change to the plaster recipe or the sandwiching composition can result in plasterboard sheets which can be water resistant or can be used for soundproofing interior walls.

Installation of plasterboard is usually a easy and very effective way of creating interior surfaces and walls inside your house.

It is relatively fast to set it up and the priced could be fair.

After the plasterboard is installed, it can be covered  with various stuff including paint or wallpaper, ceramic tiles, or  wainscoting and rendering.

Another benefit is that the plasterboard is fire resistance and a  it has a relatively low environmental impact.

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