When you want to add value to your home, or you want to move into a new home that is not looking yet familiar, or just need a new environment, you’ll have a lot of things to take in consideration.

Sometimes it’s hard to know where to start, so we are here to help.

Many times house renovations generally involve every aspect of the home like foundation changes, roof-line changes, re-configuring existing space as well as adding new space.

This kind of project is an important financial investment as well as a time involving.

Our construction services will make the whole house renovation a seamless process to bring you a new home.

So whether you’re revamping a  kitchen, a bath or a living room to make it more functional or simply more beautiful, we come with helpful advice on creating a renovation that meets all your needs and provides the best value for money.

Renovation of a house means more than redesigning, and our team will modify or replace both electrical and plumbing systems at the same time and thus the costs are substantially less than doing them independently.

During the whole process of any kind of house renovation, our team is always responsible for finished repairs if needed, and so less damage will be done and the results will be the expected ones.

Fell free to contact us for the following services:

  • Bedroom Renovation: Wall and floor painting, Laminate flooring, Electrical job etc.

  • Kitchen Renovations: Design service, Wall and floor units, Replacement doors, Worktops: wood, laminate, Corian, granite; Sinks, Taps, Water Softeners, Built-in appliances, Extractor fans, Ceramic flooring, Lighting, Sockets & wiring, Radiators, Under-floor heating, Tiling, Decorating.

  • Bathroom Renovations: Baths, WC, Bidets, Basins, Vanity Units, Taps, Shower trays & enclosures, Shower valves, Heated towel rails, Radiators, Under-floor heating, Electrical wiring, Lighting, Extractor fans, Ceramic tiling, Bathroom cabinets.

  • Painting & Decorating: Full painting & decorating services.

  • Carpentry Services: Fitted kitchens, Staircases, Hanging doors, solid wood doors and fire doors, Laminate Flooring and solid wooden floors, New builds and new builds fit outs, Linings, Skirting, Architraves, Mouldings, Decking, Fencing, Stud work, Joisting, Fascias, Gutters, Roof trusses and Rafters.

  • Propriety maintenance: Painting and Decorating, Plastering, Replacement ceilings, Guttering work, Garden fencing, Laying laminate flooring, Kitchen door refurbishment, Glass replacement, Fitting of aerials, damp proofing, Complete emergency locksmith services.

  • Electrical Services: Complete house re-wiring, Ring main extensions, Extra wiring for house extensions, Emergency electrical work, Safety certification & PAT testing, Fitting & maintaining of alarm systems.

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