A loft conversion is a widely lovely method of adding space in your home – and that can be used as a new bedroom, workroom, a children’s playroom, a gym/meditation room, or anything you consider to use it for.

A loft transformation alters the appearance of your home – both interior and exterior, so it requires a professional planning to get to a conversion that blends in and complements the architectural shape and design of your home.

It really isn’t a job for the Do-It-Yourself enthusiast, but one that should be left to the experts – and here we come.

We find the perfect solution after analyzing the structure of your home and the roof type.

If there is already enough height available in your loft, we can adapt this existing space into what is called a roof room.

On the other hand, if the height is not enough , an alternative would be a vertical extension built on to your roof– as it is called a dormer extension.

As an important and also aesthetical part of loft conversion is also planning the stairway, and we come with a large variety of.

Our expert team will make it all – from calculating and planning, to actually make it ready to be used – equipped with the necessary electrical installation and plumbing, coloured and shaped the way  you enjoy most.

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