If you are in Manchester and you need damp proofing services we can tell you that this is a process that uses a mix of  tar or unmodified asphalt as a covering  on the exterior side of a building and has a major purpose: to stop the transfer or wicking of ground moisture through concrete.

Usually the damp proofing coating normal thickness is less than 10 ml deep. It is a normal, used form of treatment in lots of situations.

Damp proofing Manchester is not supposed  to keep all water and moisture away, but instead its purpose is to retard moisture infiltration by blocking the capillaries of concrete which will slow water penetration inside.

With a very good surface drainage and a right  installed foundation drains at the footing, and the lack  of hydrostatic pressure that would drive water infiltration, damp proofing will sure supply adequate and long lasting protection.

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