Any basement is unique – as anyone who possesses one knows.

Having a basement or a cellar gives you more living space and repository.

The square footage of your living area is bigger and get additional spaces that are very useful for big families.

A small footprint house is definitely bigger when it gets a basement.

Not to mention that we can use a basement as a safe room or a cool space during the hot months of the year.

Also if you wish to put your home on the market, a basement will always make it much more attractive and thus valuable.

Our team of builders, structural engineers and architects can tell you everything you need to know about the process of building a basement or the conversion of an existing one and give you the basic sense of the major steps and types of basement construction.

Moisture water and leaks are one of the primary concerns when considering a basement, and we make sure to build a very long dry solid basement, using the newest types of hydroisolation technologies.

We are also specialized in foundation repair services.

We always come with a fair price, a high quality work, and complete integrity.

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