Bathroom remodeling is the project that you want to get perfectly right.

We have the skill and artistic view to bring your vision to life for a brandy new bath and freshly updated bathrooms.

Renovating the bathroom enhance both style and function – and we combine in a harmonious way these elements for a complete improvement.

We take into consideration the heights of half-walls, the position of the windows, the mirrors and the artificial light, as these are all essential parts of the design.

Our team is made of  carpenters, plumbers, electricians, heating and cooling contractors, tile installers, painters, cabinet-makers, and sometimes even sound and telecommunications consultants that co-work with talented designers, so we will do everything from replacing all the finishes to gutting and rearranging all its elements.

Whether the tendencies today bring chrome or brass finishes, standup showers or clawfoot tubs, we do the spacious, refreshing bathroom updates you want.

From expertly installing the sub-floor and tile to hanging the towel bars exactly where you want them, we create a personalized space that you can enjoy right away and for many years to come.

When necessary, we can create your next desired bathroom from scratch.

We work in a well-organized manner and for any project there is a person which coordinates the entire process as we are carefully planning it step by step.

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